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*Competitor quote to be same or similar quality solar and battery systems

Saving money on all things electricity.

Huglo is helping everyday Aussies save money on their electricity by giving you the tools to make the right decisions.

Hi! We’re Huglo.

Huglo is a consumer centric platform to help everyday Aussies manage their electricity needs. Huglo is founded on three key services – electricity comparison, a solar marketplace and educating for the distributed grid of the future.

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Compare electricity plans

Compare prices from over 50 retailers and more than 21,000 electricity plans – 100% of the market, 100% free.

Compare all electricity retailers in the market

Free for households and businesses

Upload your bill to auto-fill your details

Buy solar and storage

Start saving 58%+* on your electricity bill from day one of your household solar system install.

100% Aussie service

CEC-accredited installers

Advanced solar design technology

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Huglo Solar Energy Instalation

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Hugo Solar Energy Installation , image of solar panels
Hugo Solar Energy Installation , image of solar panels
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What we’ve been thinking about

Huglo knows it isn’t always easy to understand electricity jargon, so we write articles to keep you informed with savings tips and things to know.


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