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Saving on electricity can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Between our Electricity Comparison service and our Solar Marketplace, we’ve got the tools to help you save big.

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Huglo is creating the electricity revolution

Huglo is building the tools and products to empower consumers. Some are ready now, and some are on their way. Sign up to make sure we can let you know as soon as we launch.

A residential electricity meter

Electricity Comparison

Unlike ever before, compare over 6000 energy retailer plans across Australia. 100% of the market, 100% free.

A tradesman installing solar panels on the roof of a building

Solar Marketplace

A marketplace to make buying, installing and maintaining a solar system a total breeze.

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Coming Soon

Future Grid

Community-based energy production and storage, turning you and your neighbours into the powerplant of the future.

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our Mission

Why we're doing it

Consumers are given the run-around by the industry as it stands at the moment. Huglo is here to change that.

A residential electricity meter

Problem 1
Retailers are intentionally opaque

Find it near-impossible to navigate what the best deal is? That’s by design, not by accident. Retailers intentionally use tricky language and industry jargon in order to make finding the best deal or changing retailers as hard as possible to keep you, the customer, in the dark.

Problem 2
Solar is great, getting paid for what it’s worth is better

If you have solar, your retailer will buy back any energy you do not store or use for peanuts. Huglo is creating the infrastructure to ensure consumers are getting paid a fair amount for the energy they produce and provide support for better solutions.


What people are saying

People who have used Huglo have had great things to say about us. If you’ve loved the service, leave a Google review for yourself!

I've found Huglo to be an amazing service, offering free and comprehensive advice on the best deals for my electricity with ease and speedy efficiency.

Julie Temple

Huglo was recommended by a friend as a no-nonsense, hands-off option that has genuinely saved me meaningful amounts of cash in the short time I have been signed up.

Jarrod Liven

Fantastic service, experience and team! The Huglo team helped me to pick a new retailer that would best suit my Huglo solar system. Excited to start saving using solar!

Ziggy Kazuki

I was really impressed with Huglo's service. Was great to get a follow-up email so I could come back and look at my results later too.

Megan Zaslavski
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