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February 1, 2022

Not all electricity comparison sites are equal – here's why.

Not all electricity comparison sites are equal – here's why.

‘Am I getting the best electricity deal?’

It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself at least once in the past year. But answering it is tough, especially when there are so many electricity plans and comparison websites.

Which one do you choose? But more importantly, which one can you trust?

To help you out on that front, here’s a some insight into the electricity comparison industry, alongside a few reasons why we’re just that little bit different.

Too much ‘pay to play’

Right now, there’s more than 20 Australian electricity comparison websites. The vast majority have a ‘pay to play’ policy, which means they only compare electricity retailers that pay them a referral fee to appear in their search results. Some sites also sort their results by payment, so those retailers that pay the highest fee get the top spot.

Is ‘pay to play’ really such a big deal? It is when you consider you only get to see a selection of what’s available on the market (at last count, there were more than 50 retailers with over 20,000 active plans). What are the chances those ‘pay to play’ results give you the best price for your electricity needs? Pretty slim, we think.

We’ve done a few sums and discovered that by comparing all the electricity retailers on the market with us, you could save up to $400 per year. That’s a nice chunk of change for a few dinners out, or some holiday spending money.

Why choose Huglo?

Here's our pitch.

1.      Real results every time

Our biggest difference is our independence. While some of our retailers do pay us a referral fee to appear on our site, this doesn’t influence our results. We compare every single electricity retailer on the market, and always sort our results by the cheapest electricity plan for your needs. Referral payments never impact how we calculate and present this data.

2.      Accurate solar feed-in-tariff

Many people think they’re getting the best deal by opting in for the highest solar feed-in-tariff. But when you delve deeper, that’s not always the case.

While some comparison sites don’t factor solar in at all, others show you the highest feed-in-tariff but these include high usage rates. Others again don’t account for the differences in sunlight hours during winter and summer.

The Huglo way involves calculating your full solar usage profile, using some nifty technology to forecast across the seasons. This means you get an accurate reflection of pricing, rather than just guesswork.

3.      The green advantage

We know how important green energy is for many of our customers. That’s why we’ve included a search criteria that allows you to compare the costs of green plans and select only those that offset emissions.

4.      Simple comparison tool

Got two minutes to spare? That’s all you need to use our comparison tool. Simply upload your PDF electricity bill and you’ll get instant results comparing over 21,000 electricity plans.

Pro-tip: Things change constantly in the electricity industry. To ensure you’re always getting the cheapest deal for your needs, consider using our comparison tool at least twice a year. If you have solar, this is especially important to do over the summer and winter seasons.

Your energy mate

With deep industry experience, we aim to be your energy mate, not only offering the best value options for your needs, but also providing custom designed solar solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. Please get in touch to find out more!

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