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August 28, 2023

Ensuring Solar Safety: Huglo Solar's Expertise in Anti-Islanding Tests in Canberra ACT

Ensuring Solar Safety: Huglo Solar's Expertise in Anti-Islanding Tests in Canberra ACT

In the ACT, it is mandatory to complete an Anti-Islanding test of your solar system every 5 years. This test ensures that in the event of a power black-out your solar system will shut down (islanding), so no electricity is pushed back to the grid. This is a key safety feature of the grid so EvoEnergy can work on the network and get it back up and running, without the risk of electrocution.

The test involves a Clean Energy Council (CEC) qualified electrician performing a simulated grid black-out and then testing how long it takes for your inverter to shut down. It also involves several safety checks to make sure your solar system continues to operate in a safe manner.

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Why Choose Huglo Solar for Anti-Islanding Tests in Canberra ACT?

Seasoned Expertise: Our experience in the Canberra solar industry equips us with a thorough understanding of solar system operations and safety protocols. Our technicians are well-equipped to perform accurate and efficient anti-islanding tests.

Local Regulations: Our knowledge of local regulations and requirements in Canberra ACT ensures that our anti-islanding tests are not only effective but also fully compliant with relevant standards, contributing to the safety of our customers and the community at large.

Safety First Philosophy: Safety is paramount to us. We fully grasp the potential hazards associated with incorrect anti-islanding tests and go above and beyond to guarantee the accuracy of our testing procedures. You can rely on us to prioritize the safety of your solar system and the broader electricity grid.

Holistic Services: Huglo Solar offers more than just anti-islanding tests. Our services span electricity plan comparison, solar, battery, EV chargers and hot water heat pumps. Our aim is to be ‘your energy mate’ and our friendly consultants can provide independent advice.

Our Commitment to Canberra

At Huglo Solar, we are more than just a solar retailer. We are a part of the Canberra ACT community, and we take our role in advancing clean energy and promoting safety seriously. Our dedication to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the best choice for anti-islanding tests and all your solar requirements.

Connect with us today to schedule your anti-islanding test or to explore our extensive array of solar solutions.

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