Compare your electricity and save.

Installing a solar system is only half the story. Ensuring you are on the best value electricity plan can reduce your payback period by 1.5 years.

Our comparison service assists you with this by assessing every electricity plan in the Australian market on a like-for-like basis, ranking strictly on price according to your preferences. Don’t worry if you’re not a solar owner, this service is available to you as well.

Getting started

The process

Every solar package comes with:
5 Year whole of system  warranty

In addition to the solar panel and inverter warranty,  Huglo provides a 5 year warranty on your whole system.

Huglo electricity plan  tune up

Installing a solar system is only half the story. Ensuring you  are on the best value electricity plan can reduce your  payback period by 1.5 years

Fully installed  solution

All systems installed by Huglo are done so by  CEC-accredited technicians to ensure the  highest standard of installation.

National Customer Code

Huglo is proud to have become a signatory of the National Customer Code for energy comparators and energy moving services. The aim of this code is to give customers the confidence that we are working together in their best interests and delivering value to them. We are committed to:

Customer centricity

Putting customers at the center of our business and making decisions based on what is in the customers’ best interests


Providing clear, accurate and relevant information to help customers make informed choices

Fit for purpose

Ensuring that products and services are responsible, accurate and meet customer expectations


Being responsive to customer needs and taking prompt, appropriate action if a customer makes a complaint to ensure continuous improvement

Our Process

What you can expect?

Going solar is easy, Huglo takes care of the entire process from idea to grid connection.
Enter some basic information

Information about your energy usage and location will allow us to choose the right size system for you home.

Receive design and quote

Our Solar Engineers will use satellite imagery to design your solar system and send this to you in a quote.

Install and  completion

We organise a day to install and within the day you will be generating electricity from the sun.

Solar & electricity

How solar can help reduce your bill

Below we explain how your solar system (and storage) interacts with your electricity provider. The more you rely on the grid,
the more you should expect to pay.

What you can expect

The amazing benefits

2-minute process

We’ve timed it! And if you use the bill upload feature, it’s even faster.

Bill upload

Grab a previous electricity bill and upload it to make entering your information lighting quick.

Compare all 50+ retailers

In a matter of clicks, compare every retail plan from every electricity retailer.

Solar feed-in-tariff analysis

The highest solar feed-in-tariff may not be best for your situation. We make recommendations based on your needs.

See greener plans

Huglo allows you to compare the costs of green plans and select only those that offset emissions

Electricity retailers

Who we compare