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Who are we

We are an Australia-based, CEC-accredited solar and battery company. Our focus is on delivering customised designs that perfectly fit the needs of our customers. However, we have a larger goal in mind:
To create a fair energy market for households across Australia. To achieve this, we also provide an independent electricity comparison service. We compare every available electricity plan in the market objectively and transparently, ranking them strictly based on price and customers' preferences.

The benefits of Huglo

Huglo is your energy mate, providing straight forward solar and battery advice that saves you money, and reduces the impact on the environment.

Only CEC-accredited installers

Your system is designed, installed and maintained by CEC-accredited professionals.

Only top-tier products

Huglo only uses best quality products built to last in the harsh Australian environment. View our products here.

Tailor-made solar systems

All our systems are designed by an electrical engineer, right here in Australia.

Warranty support

In the rare case your system doesn’t perform optimally, the team at Huglo is on hand to support you.

What makes huglo different?

We’re building a world powered by solar energy, running on batteries and transported  by electric vehicles.

Climate friendly
Complete transparency
User-first mentality
Always moving forward

The huglo team

Huglo is your one-stop energy shop, offering solar, battery, EV charger and hot water heat pump installations, while sourcing the best value electricity plan for you.

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