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April 15, 2024

Sungrow Battery Starter Pack

Sungrow Battery Starter Pack

Get a Sungrow battery installed from $8,690 (incl. GST)

If you already have a solar system but would like to utilise more of your own solar generation, Huglo Solar has put together a cost effective, flexible battery solution. The Sungrow hybrid inverter and battery combo can be AC coupled to your existing solar system. This means you can store your excess solar generation to use at night – we call it the Peak Tariff Buster Battery.

What you get:

  • 5kW Sungrow Hybrid Inverter (SG5.0RS)
  • 6.4kWh Sungrow SBR Battery (SBR064) – expandable in 3.2kWh modules
  • Full home consumption monitoring (DTSU666-20)
  • Access to iSolarCloud App
  • Grid Approval and electrical safety compliance certificate
  • Pre-install Site Visit to confirm battery location and discuss your battery needs
  • Fully installed by our in-house Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA) battery technicians

Why the Sungrow SBR battery?

  • Flexible: The battery AC couples your existing solar system, and the hybrid inverter has spare DC ports to add more solar panels (at additional cost) or connect your existing solar panels, if your existing inverter fails in the future (if compatible)
  • Expandable: Up to 6 modules or 19.2kWh per stack and up to four stacks possible per installation.
  • Value: Great entry level price for a lithium-ion phosphate battery technology
  • Warranty: 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and 10-year workmanship warranty

You can read more about the Sungrow SBR Battery here and the Sungrow Hybrid Inverter here. On these links you can also download user manuals and technical specification data sheets.

There has never been a better time to buy as eligible customers can fund with no deposit down via the Sustainable Home Scheme in the ACT – Up to $15,000 interest free loan over 10 years. Homeowners residing in the ACT with an unimproved land value of $750,000 or less from 2022 or later qualify to obtain this finance. Huglo Solar will assist in understanding if you are eligible and refer you for the approval requirements.

Why Choose Huglo Solar?

1. Demonstrated Experience and Customer Service

Ranked #1 in the ACT region for 'Most Good Reviews' over the last 12 months on SolarQuotes. We are included in RiotAct's best solar and battery installers in the region.

We invite you to read our reviews - we have worked hard to ensure our processes lead to great customer outcomes.

2. In-house installation team

We complete all our installations with our in-house installation team. We have grown to a team of 16 employees, and we pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship.

In addition to solar + batteries, we offer all electrical services including EV Chargers, Hot Water Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning and General Electrical work. We can do it all.

3. Free Ongoing 'Huglo Electricity Plan Tune Up'

We built our own electricity plan comparison app. If you install with Huglo Solar, we provide ongoing advice on the best electricity plan. Removing any guesswork and helping improve the return on your investment. You can read our feature article here.

4. Huglo Solar is a New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC) Approved Seller.

As a NETCC Approved Seller, our company has been thoroughly vetted and approved as adhering to the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct. Get peace of mind that you are dealing with an ethical retailer.

Our Install Assumptions:

  • Battery and Inverter co-located outside within 2 metres of switchboard.
  • Location of battery is concrete and flat/level.
  • Single phase connection household.
  • No additional switchboard works required to accommodate new hardware.
  • Your home is located within Australian Capital Territory or within 45km of our warehouse in Mitchell 2911.

Potential Extras

Every battery installation is different, and in order to comply with Australian Electrical Standards and to ensure the battery functions as desired, your home may require additional upgrades. Our standard installation has been priced competitively to help you add a battery to your home.

We will complete an onsite pre-install inspection to ensure all the required items are communicated to you prior to proceeding with the installation.

You may also need these extras which will be determined on site inspection.  

  • Partial home back-up circuits in case of blackout: starting from $550
  • Add 3.2kWh module supply and install: $1,850 (assume same day)
  • Internal garage installation, add bollard and smoke alarm: $550
  • Long AC Run from switchboard to inverter: $38 per meter
  • Concrete slab supply and installation $155
  • Three phase consumption monitoring $275
  • Ask us if its worth adding some more solar panels

At Huglo Solar we understand that electricity prices are high and solar feed-in-tariffs are low and going lower. The solution is to add a battery to your home to store your own energy. The Battery Starter Pack is a great solution to add to your home which you can add to as you understand how you use your battery.

Huglo Solar Sungrow Battery Offer
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