SHT Hybrid (NEW)

The new Sungrow Hybrid Three-Phase Inverter is a dynamic and efficient solution for both on-grid and off-grid solar + battery systems. Featuring an integrated Energy Management System (EMS), it enhances energy flow control and increases self-consumption of the system. This inverter is designed to seamlessly adapt to various energy demands, making it a versatile choice for diverse PV applications.

Three Phase
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Product Code
SH15T / SH20T / SH25T
15kW / 20kW/ 25kW
3 / 4
10 years
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This is the new three phase hybrid inverter solution that can also be for full off-grid solar systems. It has a built-in 63 A bypass for whole home backup and is compatible with the SBH range of Sungrow batteries (each module with 5kWh capacity).

SHT Hybrid (NEW)
  • Hybrid Functionality: Suitable for both on-grid and off-grid systems.
  • Energy Management: Integrated EMS for optimised energy utilisation.
  • Automatic Operation: Automatically starts and stops based on input and output needs.

  • Dual Mode Operation: Capable of operating in both on-grid and off-grid scenarios, ensuring a consistent power supply.
  • Advanced EMS: The inverter's EMS efficiently manages and optimizes energy distribution within the system, enhancing overall energy self-consumption.
  • User-Friendly Design: Automatic operation facilitated by simple DC switch controls for easy management.
  • ESS Upgrade Capability: By connecting a battery module, a conventional PV system can be upgraded to an ESS, providing reliable power during grid disruptions or blackouts due to various conditions like islanding, under-voltage, or frequency fluctuations.


Established in 1997, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. is a prominent name in the solar inverter industry, known for its reliable and efficient products. In Australia, Sungrow has gained considerable recognition for its inverters that seamlessly integrate with a wide range of solar systems, catering to both residential and commercial sectors.

Sungrow's rise in the global market is attributed to its focus on innovation and quality. Their inverters are designed to deliver high efficiency, which is vital for maximizing solar energy production in Australia's varied climate. The company’s commitment to R&D ensures that their products are at the forefront of inverter technology, with features that enhance user experience and system performance.

The robustness and reliability of Sungrow's inverters are particularly suited to Australian conditions, where equipment needs to withstand diverse weather patterns. Additionally, their products' ease of installation and maintenance are highly valued by Australian consumers and installers alike.

Sungrow’s dedication to sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact aligns well with the values of the Australian market. This, combined with their global expertise and local support, makes Sungrow a preferred choice for those looking to invest in efficient and reliable solar energy solutions in Australia.


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