Primo Gen 24 plus

The Fronius Primo Gen24 Plus inverter is an innovative hybrid solution, ideal for Australian solar systems. This single-phase inverter, ranging between 3 and 10 kW, is designed to meet the diverse needs of Australian households. Its hybrid capability not only manages solar energy but also integrates battery storage seamlessly. The Gen24 Plus ensures maximum power supply reliability with various backup options, including full backup and PV Point. Its standard features like WLAN connectivity and energy management functions make it a versatile choice for Australian conditions.

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Fronius has a long history in Australia and their inverters have been a household favourite. The Primo Gen24 Plus is a Hybrid inverter that is compatible with the BYD high-voltage battery. While more expensive than other hybrid inverters, its long history of operations in Australia provides comfort. You will need to purchase an extra data package if you want more than 3 days of historical interval data.

Primo Gen 24 plus
  • Design: Hybrid inverter, ranging from 3 to 10 kW
  • Functionality: Integrated energy management and WLAN standard
  • Backup Power: Offers various backup options including PV Point and full backup
  • Compatibility: Integrates with solar and battery storage systems

  • Hybrid Capability: Seamlessly combines solar energy generation with battery storage management, tailored for Australian residential use.
  • Backup Power Options: Includes PV Point and full backup options, providing unmatched power supply reliability in varying conditions.
  • Connectivity and Control: Features WLAN connectivity as standard, along with Ethernet and easy integration of third-party components.
  • Flexible Installation: Designed for both indoor and outdoor installation, with dimensions suitable for diverse Australian properties.
  • Safety and Compliance: Meets Australian standards, ensuring safety and reliability in the Australian solar market.
  • Advanced Monitoring: Comes with an integrated datalogger, webserver, and Fronius Solar.web interface for efficient system monitoring and management.
  • Efficiency: High maximum and European efficiency ratings, ensuring optimal performance in Australian climates.

Fronius is a well-regarded brand in the Australian solar energy sector, known for its high-quality inverters, a crucial component in solar PV systems. Originating from Austria, Fronius has established a strong presence in Australia, catering to the specific needs and conditions of the Australian market.

Fronius inverters are known for their durability. They are built to withstand the harsh Australian climate, which can range from intense heat in the Outback to coastal areas with high humidity. This durability ensures a longer lifespan and consistent performance, which is vital for Australian homeowners and businesses relying on solar power as a significant energy source.

Another key aspect is the smart technology integrated into Fronius inverters. Many models come with advanced monitoring and control features, allowing users to track their energy production and consumption. This feature is particularly appealing in Australia, where there's a growing emphasis on smart homes and energy efficiency. Users can access this data through user-friendly interfaces, making it easy to understand and manage their solar energy usage.

Fronius inverters are versatile, compatible with a wide range of solar panel types and sizes. This versatility is essential in the diverse Australian solar market, where installations vary from small residential setups to large-scale commercial projects.


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