Vertex S+

Trina Solar's Vertex S+ 440W panels combine high efficiency (22.0%) and durability in a compact design. Featuring advanced N-type i-TOPCon dual glass technology and multi-busbar construction for superior performance. Resilient against extreme weather, ideal for diverse installations. Backed by a 25-year product and 30-year power warranty, they offer reliable, long-term energy solutions.

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Key Information
Product Code
Trina Solar
430W / 435W / 440W
Product Warranty
25 years
Performance Warranty
30 years @ 87.4%
Maximum Efficiency
22.30 %
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Huglo Solar's top choice for its exceptional value and efficiency, featuring advanced N-type cell technology and a reassuring 30-year performance warranty with at least 87.4% capacity retention, backed by Trina's reliable local support from their Sydney office.

Vertex S+
  • High Efficiency: 22.3% module
  • Advanced Tech: Multi-busbar
  • Durable Design: High load resistance
  • Reliable: 25-year product warranty
  • Powerful Performance: The panel delivers a strong output of 440 watts, ensuring efficient energy production. It's designed to provide slightly more power than stated, making it a reliable energy source for your home.
  • Built to Last: With its robust dual-glass design, the panel is highly durable and can endure tough weather conditions, including heavy snow and strong winds, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Sleek and Solid Build: Each panel consists of 144 sleek monocrystalline cells and has a sturdy frame, measuring about 1.76 x 1.13 meters. Despite its size, it's relatively lightweight at 21.1 kg, making it manageable for rooftop installation.
  • Safe and Versatile: These panels are safe for a wide range of temperatures (from very cold to very hot) and are compatible with most home solar systems, supporting up to 1500 volts

Trina Solar

Founded in 1997 in Changzhou, China, Trina Solar has established itself as a leading global PV (photovoltaic) module manufacturer and energy solutions provider. With over two decades in the industry, Trina Solar is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, a factor that has seen it become one of the most popular brands in the Australian solar market. The company's manufacturing prowess is evident in its extensive range of high-quality, high-efficiency solar panels, which are well-suited to Australia's diverse climate conditions.

Trina Solar's commitment to R&D has resulted in numerous breakthroughs, particularly in the efficiency and durability of its products. This dedication to innovation ensures that Australian consumers have access to some of the most advanced solar technologies available. The company's panels are known for their reliability, a key factor considering Australia's harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, Trina Solar's commitment to sustainable practices aligns well with the Australian market.


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