Maxeon 6 AC

Sunpower Maxeon 6 AC panels deliver exceptional efficiency (up to 22.8%) and power (420-440W) with the convenience of an integrated AC microinverter. Utilizing state-of-the-art IBC cell technology, these panels ensure peak performance in Australian conditions. Designed for durability and resilience, they are ideal for diverse installations. With a comprehensive warranty and a focus on long-term, reliable energy production, the Maxeon 6 AC panels are a top-tier choice for modern Australian homes.

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Product Warranty
40 Years
Performance Warranty
40 Years @ 0.25% per year (98% Year 1 warranted output)
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Huglo Solar highly recommends Sunpower Maxeon 6 AC for its unparalleled efficiency and integrated AC microinverter, offering a cutting-edge, resilient energy solution with a comprehensive warranty, ideal for Australian homes.

Maxeon 6 AC
  1. Power Range: 420-440W
  2. Efficiency: Up to 22.8%
  3. Integrated: Enphase microinverter
  4. Weather Resilient: Crack-resistant cells
  • High Power Output: Offers a robust power range of 420-440W, catering to both residential and commercial energy needs.
  • Leading Efficiency: Boasts an impressive efficiency of up to 22.8%, maximizing energy generation in various light conditions.
  • Unmatched 40-Year Warranty: Industry-leading warranty covering both product and power for 40 years, with an exceptional 98.0% minimum output in the first year.
  • Integrated Microinverter Technology: Features a factory-integrated AC microinverter, enhancing performance and reliability.
  • Weather-Resilient Design: Constructed with crack-resistant cells and reinforced connections, offering unparalleled durability in diverse weather conditions​​​​.

SunPower, a US-based company founded in 1985, stands out in the solar industry for its high-quality, high-efficiency solar panels. Recognized as a pioneer in the solar technology field, SunPower has a longstanding reputation for producing some of the most efficient solar panels on the market, which is particularly appealing for the space-constrained Australian residential market.

SunPower's history is marked by innovation and a commitment to sustainability. Their solar panels boast a unique design and construction, offering durability and long-term performance, critical factors for Australian consumers facing extreme weather conditions. SunPower's focus on producing aesthetically pleasing solar panels also appeals to homeowners who are conscious of their property's appearance. This combination of efficiency, durability, and design makes SunPower a premium choice in the Australian solar market.


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