Alpha Pure-R

REC's Alpha Pure R panels excel with their impressive efficiency and cutting-edge design, ideal for Australian conditions. Boasting advanced HJT (Heterojunction Technology) and a sleek frame, these panels ensure maximum energy production. Their robust construction offers enhanced durability and resistance to challenging weather, making them suitable for various installations. Supported by a substantial 25-year product warranty, the REC Alpha Pure R panels deliver dependable, long-lasting solar energy solutions.

Exceptional Quality
Lowest Degradation
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Key Information
Product Code
RECxxxAA Pure
REC Solar
410W / 420W
Product Warranty
25 Years
Performance Warranty
25 Years @ 0.25% per year (98% Year 1 warranted output)
Maximum Efficiency
Energy Expert's Take

Why we love this product

Chosen by Huglo Solar for its superior performance, the REC Solar Alpha Pure R stands out with its high-efficiency rating, innovative design, and robust 25-year warranty, embodying an ideal blend of reliability and advanced solar technology.

Alpha Pure-R
  1. Power Output: 390W-410W
  2. Efficiency: Up to 22.2%
  3. Compact Design: Space-efficient
  4. High Performance: Advanced technology
  • Innovative Cell Technology: Employs 132 half-cut REC heterojunction cells with lead-free gapless technology, offering superior performance and environmental sustainability.
  • Exceptional Temperature Coefficients: Exhibits excellent efficiency with a temperature coefficient of 24%/°C, ensuring better performance in varying temperature conditions.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: Backed by a 20-year product warranty and a 25-year power warranty, guaranteeing long-term performance with only 0.25% annual degradation.
  • Durability for Australian Climates: Designed to withstand extreme temperature ranges, making it ideal for the diverse Australian environment.
  • Advanced Electrical Design: Features a robust IP68 rated junction box and high-quality connectors, ensuring reliability and long-lasting performance​​​​.
REC Solar

Founded in Norway in 1996, REC Solar is a leading global solar panel manufacturer renowned for its high-quality, high-efficiency products. In the Australian market, REC Solar is particularly appreciated for its durable panels, designed to withstand the country's diverse and challenging environmental conditions.

REC's dedication to innovation is evident in their solar panels, which offer superior power output even in low light, a crucial attribute for Australian users facing varied weather. Their commitment to quality is further highlighted by stringent manufacturing processes, ensuring reliability and durability, key considerations in Australia's often harsh climate.

Moreover, REC Solar's focus on sustainability is aligned with the increasing eco-consciousness in Australia. Their environmentally friendly production and efforts to minimize the carbon footprint of their products resonate with Australian consumers and businesses seeking sustainable energy solutions.


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