5 Reasons to trust Huglo Solar

Quality industry-leading solar products at a competitive price
You receive a bespoke solar system designed for your unique needs
Bonus 6 monthly ‘Huglo Electricity Plan Tune Up’, an assessment that further extends your solar savings to 78% or more
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$0 down finance available via Brighte, a leading and highly reputable Australian home improvement lender
Peace of mind knowing Huglo Solar is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer
Huglo Solar Installs, solar panels on roof top in midday sun

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How much can I REALLY save by going solar?

You’ve probably seen many solar company claims that you could save thousands by adding a solar system to your home. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? 

But in this case, it actually is.

By adding a solar system to your home, you could save 58% (or more) off your quarterly electricity bill, in addition to protecting yourself from inevitable future electricity price hikes.

As an example, Huglo customers with a quarterly electricity bill of $350+ who add a Huglo Solar system, save between 54% – 78%.Your solar system’s payback period is as little as 4 years. To put it another way, it’s a 25% return on your money. 

With electricity prices ever-on-the-rise, installing a solar system is one of the lowest risk, highest return investments you can make. 

How is this possible?

The sunny Australian skies offer a goldmine of savings for smart consumers, not to mention a way to build a sustainable future for our country.

Consecutive governments have been quick to recognise these benefits, providing generous incentives for those who choose to go solar. 

Stock Image of man installing Solar Panels on blue sky day

How you save with solar is a pretty simple process:

Your solar roof panels capture sunlight 
Your solar inverter converts this into electricity to use for free (as you don’t need to draw from the main electricity grid)
Your system produces more power than you need, and this automatically feeds back to the main electricity grid
Your retailer buys this electricity from you (known as your solar feed-in tariff), and gives you a credit on your bill

Note that in the evenings, when there’s no sunlight and high household electricity demand, you’ll still need to draw from the main electricity grid at a cost. But this is offset by the savings you make during the day.

Sunset over a hill

There is an option of adding on a battery to your solar system, which stores the excess power generated during the day.

You can then use this in the evening and avoid drawing from the grid, effectively saying goodbye to those big power bills!  

As your energy mate, we also offer our customers a unique service by assigning you a dedicated electricity expert. 

They’ll ensure you get the most out of your solar system with our ‘Huglo Electricity Plan Tune Up ’ – a 6 monthly assessment using our Electricity Price Plan Comparison service.

This means further electricity savings of $400+ each year.

 Ok, but how much does a solar system cost?

Like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

There’s a huge difference between ‘cheap’ solar and ‘quality’ solar. 

Here at Huglo Solar, we vetted the many brands available and carefully selected only those that are high quality and able to handle the harsh Australian climate.

{infographic of stocked brands}

The total installed cost of a solar system varies, as it depends on the system size and how difficult it is to install.For an average sized 6.6kW solar system (or around 18 panels) which services a 4-person home, it costs as little as $6500 upfront, or $25 via finance  per week.

But I don’t have $6500 just lying around to buy a solar system

That’s ok, as you have an option.

You can obtain a $0 deposit green loan to finance your solar system.

Huglo Solar partners with one of Australia’s most reputable home improvement lenders, Brighte, to offer Aussies affordable finance to access sustainable energy systems. 

As solar provides such a good return on investment, plus interest rates are still historically low, the cost of a properly designed solar system can be covered by your electricity savings.

So in essence, your electricity bill savings pay off your loan for the system. After 5 years, you’ll then get the full benefit of a reduced electricity bill from your generating solar system. 

There's more good news on the cost-front.

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The federal government provides a generous incentive to reduce the upfront cost of your solar system. It’s known as the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

The amount you get depends on:
Where you live
Your system size (the more panels, the greater the discount)
When you installed it
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The discount typically ranges from $3000 to $4500. 
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But there is one small catch – the scheme ends in 2030. And the amount you receive reduces by around 10% each year until this date. So the sooner you install a solar system, the bigger your discount.

I’m liking the sound of this. But why would I choose Huglo Solar over other solar companies?

Now you have a grasp of how solar can save you big bucks, here are 4 reasons  why we’d love you to choose Huglo to be your solar energy mate:


Only quality industry-leading solar products at a competitive price

Having been in the solar industry for a while now, we know exactly what products are on the market.
And unfortunately, a lot of them are substandard (read, cheap), especially for our harsh Aussie conditions.

That’s why we’ve made the business decision to avoid selling such systems. We’ve deliberately chosen to only offer quality solar systems at a competitive price. 

For peace of mind, all our solar panels  and inverters  come with manufacturer warranties from well-known, reputable companies. 
But we go one step further.We also offer a 5 year 'Wrap Around' Warranty. If you have any technical issues with your system during this period, we’ll fix them for free.

That’s how confident we are in the quality of the systems we choose to install.

Australian House with Solar Panels installed by Huglo
Solar Panels on rooftop, Installed by Huglo Australia

A bespoke solar system designed for your unique needs

Every Huglo Solar system design is unique – it has to be because both you and your home are! 

We’ve termed our quoting system ‘The Goldilocks Zone’ as you get exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less.

Each Huglo Solar system takes into account things like your electricity use, shading, and roof size constraints.

You won’t find any off-the-shelf quotes here.


Bonus 6 monthly ‘Huglo Electricity Plan Health Check’, an assessment that further boosts your solar savings by up to 78%

Installing solar is only half your savings story.

Ensuring you have the cheapest electricity plan reduces your solar system payback period by up to 1.5 years, and offers an additional $400 in savings.

With more than 21000 electricity plans on the market, it’s tough and time-consuming to compare. But as your energy mate, we’ve done the hard work for you with our Electricity Price Plan Comparison tool

When you sign up with Huglo Solar, your assigned electricity expert will automatically perform a ‘Huglo Electricity Plan Health Check’ every 6 months. If they find you a better deal, they’ll be in contact via phone or email.

Evening Sunlight on Solar Panels installed by Huglo
Hugo Solar Energy Installation , image of solar panels

Peace of mind knowing Huglo is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar retailer 

As a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Approved Solar Retailer, our company has been thoroughly vetted and approved as adhering to the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct.

In simple terms, this guarantees Huglo Solar provides transparent advice that never misleads, while using CEC accredited installers to complete the technical work.

So those are 4 reasons why we’d love to help you start saving with solar today. But if you’d like to hear directly from our customers instead, here’s just some of their happy feedback:

Huglo Solar really does offer a personalised experience, from trusted experts who live and breathe solar and love to save money for our Huglo customers.


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