Apricus Australia

The Apricus All-in-One Heat Pump offers an innovative and environmentally conscious solution for domestic hot water. Utilising cutting-edge R290 natural refrigerant technology, this system offers zero global warming potential, reducing your carbon footprint without sacrificing performance. With its efficient heat pump technology, it boasts up to 70% energy savings compared to traditional electric and gas water heaters. Designed to seamlessly integrate with solar PV systems.

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Apricus Australia
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The Apricus Australia hot water heat pump is a great, economical solution to replace your existing gas hot water or electric hot water system. Our most competiviely priced product, it still provides a 6 year warranty and has technical support located in Australia.

Apricus Australia
  • Energy Efficient: Utilises advanced dual heating technology for up to 70% reduction in energy usage
  • Solar Integration: Compatible with solar PV systems
  • Smart Control: Equipped with a smart touchscreen controller and a mobile app
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: Uses R290 natural refrigerant with zero global warming potential, aligning with environmental sustainability standards.
  • Real-Time Energy Monitoring: Features a smart control system with a mobile app for tracking energy consumption and operational data, promoting energy-efficient usage.
  • Seamless Solar Compatibility: Designed to integrate effortlessly with solar PV systems to maximise renewable energy utilisation and reduce reliance on traditional power sources.
  • Dual Heating Functionality: Includes an electric element that ensures consistent hot water supply up to 70°C, even during demanding conditions.
  • Advanced Touchscreen Interface: Equipped with a user-friendly smart touchscreen controller for easy management of heating settings and system monitoring.
  • Rebate Eligibility: Qualifies for various solar and heat pump water heater rebate schemes, enhancing affordability and increasing return on investment.
  • Comprehensive Warranty Coverage: Offers a 6-year warranty on the system with additional 1-year labor coverage, ensuring reliable long-term operation.
Apricus Australia

Apricus Australia are leaders in efficient, innovative, versatile hot water solutions – designed in Australia to meet Australian conditions since 2005. Their products are produced with a strong emphasis on quality, innovation, simplistic design and ease of installation. Since inception, Apricus Australia have been recognised by BRW, HIA, SmartCompany and The Australian Business Awards for product innovation, business and service excellence. In addition to hot water heat pumps, Apricus Australia manufactures solar hot water systems - both residential and commercial.


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