LTE Plus 22kW

The Ocular LTE Plus OC20-BC-22KW-Plus EV Charger is a high-capacity, technologically advanced charging solution for electric vehicles. This charger combines a sleek, compact design with a class-leading 3.5" LCD screen for real-time charging feedback. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations and mountable on walls or stands, it offers flexibility and convenience. Remote control and monitoring through a mobile app provide users with in-depth insights, making it an ideal choice for efficient and smart charging at home or in commercial settings.

Three Phase
AC Coupled
Most Economical
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Key Information
Product Code
Type 2 Tethered
OCPP Compatible
Three Phase
2 years
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LTE Plus 22kW
  • Advanced Design: Features a compact and stylish structure with a clear 3.5" LCD display and LED indicator
  • Smart App Integration: User authentication and charger control via a Bluetooth-enabled app
  • Optimized Energy Usage: Scheduling feature
  • High Power Output: The 3-Phase 22kW model provides rapid and efficient charging for electric vehicles.
  • Remote Accessibility: Easy integration with various charging networks and live charging feedback via an app.
  • Installation Versatility: Designed for both wall and stand mounting, offering multiple installation options.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Functionality: Rated for use in diverse environments, ensuring reliability and adaptability.


Ocular, a relatively new entrant in the EV charging industry, has quickly established itself as a notable provider of EV charging solutions, particularly in the Australian market. Ocular's focus on creating user-friendly, efficient, and innovative EV charging stations aligns well with the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure in Australia.

One of the defining features of Ocular's EV chargers is their emphasis on user experience. Their charging stations are equipped with intuitive interfaces and smart technology, making them accessible and easy to use for both private and public applications. This focus on user-centric design is crucial in a market like Australia, where EV adoption is rapidly increasing, and there is a need for chargers that cater to drivers with varying levels of technical proficiency.

Ocular's commitment to innovation is evident in their chargers' advanced features, including dynamic load management and remote monitoring capabilities. These features allow for efficient energy usage and provide users with real-time insights into their charging status, a highly valued aspect for Australian EV owners who are conscious of energy consumption and cost.

Durability and reliability are also key components of Ocular's EV chargers, designed to withstand Australia's diverse climate conditions, from coastal humidity to inland heat. This robustness ensures that Ocular's charging stations can consistently deliver high performance, a critical factor for EV users who rely on the availability and reliability of public charging infrastructure.

Furthermore, Ocular's EV chargers are versatile, capable of supporting a wide range of electric vehicles. This versatility is essential in the Australian market, where the EV landscape includes a variety of models with different charging requirements.


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