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July 16, 2020

Solar installers often use difficult-to-understand electricity jargon and fancy marketing speak when talking about products and process, meaning that you, the consumer, have to be a small-time expert in solar in order to understand it all. There is a need for a trusted source to help consumers through the design, product choice, installation, and management of their solar investment, and Huglo is working tirelessly to make that happen.

At Huglo, we believe an investment in solar and batteries doesn’t end after your purchase. We want to help you maximise your investment. That’s why you have the benefit of our sophisticated electricity comparison service long after the system has been installed – all free when you choose Huglo as your partner.

What the Service Will Look Like

Huglo has reimagined the solar purchase workflow to make the experience you, a whole lot more enjoyable. The process is simple, and you get access to our technical experts to help you through the purchase journey, as well as ongoing support to maximise the value of your investment.

     1.    Spend 3 minutes filling in the Huglo hassle-free questionnaire

      2.    Get your individualised system design and quote

      3.    Discuss your quote with Huglo and choose your preferred installation days

      4.    Make your deposit to initiate the connection process

      5.    Your solar system is installed by our quality vetted Installer Partners

      6.    Ongoing help with Huglo to ensure you get the most out of your system

Huglo will help you move through the customer journey to install their solar system in the most transparent way possible, giving you all of the relevant and important information upfront, and simplifying the logistical headache that often comes with solar installs.

Why Choose Huglo to Help You Make Your Investment?

  • Using real electricity data, we design a system to meet your needs, to maximise the value to you
  • We manage the process for you including grid connection approval
  • We make the process simple, jargon free and no hassle
  • We only use high-quality products that meet the Clean Energy Council technical specifications
  • One all-in price, clearly explaining the different components
  • Ongoing access to Huglo’s retail price comparison, ensuring you get the most value for your investment

When Can We Expect With the Service?

Huglo will be launching into market in September 2020. Huglo will initially launch in Queensland, before expanding into other states and territories as we expand our team of quality vetted Installer Partners.

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