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We here at Huglo want you to understand what solar is so you know what to expect. Huglo is here to get your up-to-speed on all things solar before you make your purchase.

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Solar 101

How solar works

There is more to the science behind how solar works, but here is a run down of how you need to understand it.

Sunset over a hill

1. Sun radiation

Sunlight is actually a stream of energy particles called photons that radiate from the sun.

Solar panels being installed on a roof

2. Solar panels

When the photons hit the solar cells they generate electricity by freeing electrons, converting sun radiation into direct current electricity (DC).

Inverter on a wall

3. Solar inverter

The solar inverter converts the electricity from DC to AC – the type of power that you use in your home and comes out your powerpoints.

Smiling couple who purchased panels with Huglo

4. Your home

AC power comes from your solar inverter and powers your appliances. If you have a battery, additonal power will run there too.

Household systems

How solar setups can work

The size of your system and whether you have storage will change the way that you interact with your retailer.

Solar Savings

How much will solar save?

The size of your system and whether you have storage will change the way that you interact with your retailer.

How much do you spend on your quarterly bill?

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Huglo is ready to help you on your solar journey.

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Bill without solar
Bill with solar
Estimated Savings Per Annum based on 30% self- consumption and 70% export/feed-in to the grid on the Energy Locals NSW Online Member - Anytime plan. ($0.81 daily supply charge and membership fee, $0.194 usage costs & $0.10 FiT). Huglo assume a 'pre-solar' electricity bill of between $350-$650 for a 6.66kWp system; between $675-$950 for an 8.88kWp system; $975 and over for a 13.32kWp system

Why should you install solar?

The world is needing to move in the direction of renewable energy if we are to address the current climate change scenario. Australia is in the privileged position that we have lots of land and plenty of sun, so solar for most seems like a no-brainer.

Australians have really jumped on the bandwagon, with the greatest uptake of rooftop residential solar systems per capita than any other country in the world. This is due to two primary factors: the desire to reduce energy costs, and the desire to reduce personal emission contributions. Both of these desires can be addressed by installing a quality solar PV system. For Aussies wanting to be self-sufficient, batteries can be integrated into a system meaning that unused power during the day can be used at night rather than being fed back into the grid.

Why is Huglo the best pick?

Huglo entered the market at an important point – when interest in solar installation was piquing and solar installers were in a race to the bottom, installing the cheapest possible system for the cheapest possible price. This often means that customers get a system that isn’t suited to their needs and may perform sub-optimally. Cheaper systems installed by less qualified installers will likely be riddled with issues and not do the job they’re expected to do – to generate electricity efficiently!

The team here at Huglo focuses on designing solar PV systems so they’re exactly to your needs – nothing more and nothing less. We call it the Goldilocks Zone. With advanced satellite technology, we are able to fit some of the market’s best performing solar panels and inverters to your home remotely, and send these over to you for your reference.

Once you are ready to go, we will send a dedicated team on-site to install the system, making sure to iron out all the kinks and make getting setup a breeze. Every step of the way is handled by our local Australian team and we’re here to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed and your questions answered.

If you are one of the many solar system owners who does not have a battery (let’s face it, they are a bit exxy right now!) then the solar feed-in-tariff (FiT) is an important consideration. Huglo offers ongoing monitoring of every retailer’s FiT and make recommendations on when to switch and who to switch to in order to maximise your returns.

Will I be able to upgrade down the road?

The federal government offers what is known as the small-scale technology certificates or STC Scheme, whereby the government offers discounts based on the size of your household system to encourage the uptake of solar technology. Huglo’s prices already factor in the STCs when we quote.

The value of the STC will vary depending on a few different factors, but a good yardstick is around $500 per kilowatt (kW) installed. Most homes in Australia have a system ranging from 2-6kW, so the discount applied would be between $1000-$3000.

Anyone can claim the STCs as long as they meet the following criteria:
• Your solar system needs to be smaller than 100kW (for scale, the Woolworths Moree has a 99.97kW system so your home will suit!)
• Your system is installed by a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited professional
• The panels and inverters are approved by the CEC, which is all that Huglo installs